About Us

Pot Pin-Ups are a NFT collection of 420 unique cannabis themed art pieces. These NFT’s are minted on the Solana blockchain and the collection is verified for resale on Opensea.io.

Pot Pin-Ups are each equipped with 1 of 15 high quality cannabis strains, attached to a pin-up model featuring common to rare attributes! There are over 5,265 possible combinations, and only 420 NFT’s will be available for sale in this collection!

For more information on the project refer to the Timeline. Stay up to date and engage with us online via Discord Instagram and Twitter; use #PotPinUps

The Team

James Bisset

My name is James I am the digital artist behind Pot Pin-Ups. Many great artists inspire my work, but a few of my favorites include Mike Winkelmann (Beeple), Andy Warhol, and Vincent VanGogh.

Steven Middaugh

I am Steven and I am the Pot Pin-Ups Developer. I specialize in web development but eager to dive head first into blockchain development. Excited to see what the future holds for Pot Pin-Ups!

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